Proven Model for Success for all Public Safety Agencies.

Sampson Testing and Training, provides reliable, validated psychological assessments for all Public Safety agencies. Many states now require psychological assessments of public safety applicants prior to employment.

Our team provides assessments that were developed by Dr. Steve Sampson and these have been validated utilizing several public safety agencies throughout the State of Georgia. The assessment focuses on the following areas:
- Intelligence
- Personality Traits
- Mental Stability
- Social/Emotional Judgment


In addition, Dr. Sampson provides support to agencies and their
employees who may need to be evaluated as part of a Fitness for Duty and Post-Incident Evaluation.

Our team also provides customized, research-based social and emotional
intelligence training, consulting, and coaching to individuals, leaders,
teams and organizations across the United States. We specialize in the
areas of Public Safety Training, Government Training, and Professional