What Sampson Clients Say

All Sampson psychological tests and clinical interviews are highly rated and meet reliability and validity legal standards for public safety. Our social and emotional intelligence training programs are fully customizable by industry and are formatted to maximize attendee retention and the ability to successfully apply learned techniques post-session. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our testing and training programs and Founder Dr. Steve Sampson:

Connie B. Sampson
Asstistant VP/Chief of Police - Georgia State University

I have known Dr. Steve Sampson for 25 years. He has been a successful professor in the Criminal Justice Department as well as the College of Education at Georgia State University. Dr. Sampson has assisted this department in Fitness for Duty evaluations of police officers. The Law Enforcement community throughout Georgia and the entire United States holds Dr. Sampson in high regard. I can unequivocally vouch for his character and his integrity.

Dr. Jack Enter
Criminologist/Trainer/Author - Jack E. Enter & Associates

Steve is one of the most versatile scholars in the field of criminology and psychology. As a result he offers one of the most balanced, realistic and informed perspectives on human interaction skills I have ever seen.

Dwayne Hobbs

Dr. Sampson has been so many things to many people in law enforcement. His extraordinary insight into what we do is remarkable. In the 25 years I have known him, he has demonstrated an enormous capacity to be at the right place at the right time; from helping us with a troubled officer, to consoling and guiding us through the tough times associated with the death of an officer. Each time I have called on him, he dropped what he was doing and was there for us…. His sustained honesty and undying desire to associate with law
enforcement officers for nearly four decades gives him a unique perspective in helping us solve problems for our agency and the community.

Gary W. Deland
Executive Board Member & Senior Instructor - National Institute of Jail Operations

Dr. Sampson’s ability to blend his superior expertise with a practical, straightforward training style was extraordinary. I have been bringing Dr. Sampson to Utah for over 15 years to provide training at the Utah Sheriff’s Conference. He is one of the most requested trainers.

Jason Parker
Dalton, GA, City Administrator - Former Chief of Police, Dalton Police Department
….For almost two decades, Dr. Sampson has provided prompt, exceptional
service to the Dalton Police Department, especially in the areas of dependable promotional selection; top-level training for managers and supervisors; and during times of individual crisis for department members….
Lou Dekmar

I have known Dr. Steve Sampson for over 20 years. During 18 of those years, he has served as the LaGrange Police Department’s psychologist for pre-employment consultation and critical incidents de-briefings; he has consistently provided a valuable service to our agency and to our officers.  Additionally, Dr. Sampson provides leadership and interpersonal communications training for our leadership team and is significant resource who is clearly committed to professional police services.  Dr. Sampson has my complete confidence and I give him my highest recommendation.

Michael Barkhurst

Dr. Sampson provided 40 hours of social intelligence training to 155 uniformed deputies who manage the mentally-disabled inmates in our system. The outcome of the training was so profound that the use of force incidents, grievances and litigation are all down since the training. The training was outstanding.

Stacey Cotton
Dr. Sampson has been a longtime ally to the Covington Police Department.  His ability to provide officer support when dealing with crisis both personally and professionally has allowed the officers to remain strong and healthy and remain in Public Safety.  Dr. Sampson has always provided top tier training in areas of leadership and relationships that has allowed me and my commanders to better serve our citizens and staff….
Trudy Nan Boyce
Author - Former Lieutenant - Atlanta Police Department
Steve can diffuse the most irresolvable of confrontations and leave people feeling respected and understood.