About Sampson Psychological Testing and Training, LLC

Scientifically-validated Psychological Testing and Research-Based Social Fitness Training, Coaching & Consulting

Research and experience in the area of human relationships reveal that successful interactions between people are usually the direct result of specific and learned interpersonal skills. It should be no surprise that those same skills are equally effective whether you apply them at work, at home or in your community

As a Licensed Psychologist, Sampson Psychological Testing and Training CEO and Founder Dr. Steve Sampson is a nationally recognized counseling psychologist who works with various Public Safety Agencies conducting pre-employment screening, fitness-for-duty evaluations, post-shooting and critical-incident debriefings since 1982. Dr. Sampson and his team currently provide pre-employment psychological evaluations to over 80 Public Safety Agencies in the state of Georgia. Dr. Sampson and his team have a proven track record of success when conducting psychological testing for law enforcement agencies.

Sampson also provides social and emotional intelligence training programs that capitalize on Founder Dr. Steve Sampson’s more than four decades of observations and research regarding human interaction to improve your social fitness. All trainings offered are customizable and integrate a “Tell” (lecture), “Show” (demonstration), “Do” (practice) and “Feedback” (coaching) learning paradigm. This approach ensures maximum retention and application of the skills learned. Additionally, many Sampson programs have Continuing Education Credits associated with them.

Why Sampson Testing and Training?

Dr. Sampson and his team of expert trainers successfully serve leaders, teams and individuals across a wide spectrum of public and private organizations. Sampson Psychological Testing & Training helps the nation’s leading entities drive performance and efficiency through applied social and emotional intelligence training and trustworthy, reliable and validated psychological testing. Satisfied clients include: FBI, DEA, NSA, United States Secret Service, Federal Reserve Bank, FLETC, Office of Personnel Management, California Highway Patrol and numerous state and local agencies.

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Deep customization
  • Industry specialization
  • Interactive learning
  • Extensive curriculum
  • Traditional and digital delivery modalities
  • Experienced and expert facilitators
  • Results in initiating and sustaining change through the organization

Sampson Psychological Testing & Training is all about the client and our mission is to make you successful. We work with individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to improve social fitness and performance that deliver tangible results. Our belief is that through improved social and emotional intelligence testing, training, coaching and consulting, organizations perform to unprecedented levels.

Our vision is to help clients achieve their highest levels of social fitness, performance and efficiency. We seek to accomplish this through a platform of assessments and analytics, training, learning and achievement. The Sampson approach enables a faster and more harmonious execution of interpersonal improvement initiatives.

At Sampson Psychological Testing & Training, we value honesty and integrity above all else, and highly value client and employee loyalty. We are dedicated to sharing our nearly four decades of expertise in this unique field for the advantage of others.