Customized Training Solutions for Public Safety Personnel

Dr. Sampson provided 40 hours of social intelligence training to 155 uniformed deputies who manage the mentally-disabled inmates in our system. The outcome of the training was so profound that the use of force incidents, grievances and litigation are all down since the training. The training was outstanding.
-Michael Barkhurst, Retired Major, Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Sampson Operationalizes Advanced Social Tactics within a Public Safety Decision Making Model: Safety-Assess-Decide-ACTION

Sampson Psychological Testing & Training CEO and Founder Dr. Steve Sampson and his team of master trainers specialize in raising the bar for Social Fitness in Public Safety. Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire/EMS and Military benefit from Sampson’s customized training solutions because they produce better outcomes for our clients’ mental, social, emotional and moral resilience. Key areas of a person’s well-being that can be negatively impacted by constant exposure to life’s unfairness and trauma that often comes with a position in Public Safety.

Build Trust and Confidence

Research and experience in the area of human relationships reveal that successful interactions between people are usually the direct result of specific and learned interpersonal skills. It should be no surprise that those same skills are equally effective whether you apply them at work, at home or in your community. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Sampson has been working with leading Public Safety organizations across the United States to help improve interactions between Public Safety personnel and the communities they serve.  The training Sampson provides are proven to result in less external and internal complaints and more positive, trustworthy relationships between Public Safety professionals and citizens.

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For more information, please email or click on the following training that can be customized for Public Safety: Applied Social IntelligenceLeaders Without TitlesQuiet CopFit For Duty and How to Be In a Personal Relationship. You may also click here to view Sampson’s Public Safety Resources.