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Discover the Attributes of True Leadership

In any organizational environment there are individuals to whom others look for guidance, direction and leadership. Very often those persons are not the highest ranking members of the organization. Why? Dr. Sampson provides an insightful analysis of the complex array of factors that cause some persons to become leaders while other can only manage….
-Gary Deland, Executive Director, Utah Sheriff’s Association

Sampson’s Acclaimed Leader Development Approach Looks Beyond Titles to Bring Out the Leader Within

Sampson’s Professional Development training, coaching and consulting solutions focus on improving quality and performance in six key competencies characteristic of today’s most successful leaders: Intellectual, Sociability, Emotionality, Accountability, Morality and Physicality. Using these six attributes, we train leaders, teams and individuals on how to improve their ability to lead at every level of experience, regardless of title. And although there are relatively few people who can achieve maximum performance in each of these competencies, a leader who knows his/her flaws in these areas can benefit from recognizing them.

Sampson also helps professionals master the social skills they need to establish the strong interpersonal relationships essential to success in the workplace. At Sampson, we understand that in this technology-driven age opportunities for social interactions at work are diminished by email, text and other modes of online communications. That’s why it’s so important that a professional’s in-person connectivity delivers meaningful and successful outcomes. Sampson’s proven training programs help you develop the essentials skills you need to maximize interpersonal performance and enhance your ability to effectively communicate, establish rapport and manage more skillfully with less stress.

Continuous Learning Improvement Partnerships

Providing professional development training once or even a few times per year and viewing the program as an independent, standalone event is no longer enough. Companies need to create, build and maintain a culture of continuous learning to help drive improved organizational performance. Progressive organizations that are adapting a strong continuous learning culture are quickly proving to significantly outperform their peers.

At Sampson, we seek to partner with you to develop continuous learning solutions that help change behaviors, enhance the effectiveness of your organization and drive long-term focus on a methodology of continuous improvement. Our continuous learning model is based on nearly 40 years of experience working with some of the country’s largest agencies and most successful organizations. We pay close attention to all phases of learning – before, during and after – and continually plan and identify opportunities to reinforce, develop and apply knowledge to help your learners take their skills to the next level.

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For more information, please email or click on the following trainings that can be customized for Professional Development in your industry: Applied Social Intelligence and Leaders Without Titles. You may also click here to view Samspon’s Professional Development Resources.