Because Every Professional is a Person Too

I took this class with Dr. Sampson on Personal Relationships on a whim. By the time the class was over, I knew what I was doing wrong in relationships and I had the knowledge and skills to identify my mistakes and correct them. I recommend this class to new officers and officers who have difficulties in their relationships and want to correct their errors.
-Jason Cella, Tampa Police Department

Sampson helps you learn the skills to improve the quality of your life and your personal relationships

Regardless of industry or profession, Dr. Steve Sampson and the Sampson team of master trainers teach transformational skills building in the area of personal management and development in order to improve the quality of your life and personal relationships. The goal of our Personal Relationships training is to help you be a better, more effective listener and communicator. Sampson understands that you may not be able to change your work stressors, but its training, consulting and coaching programs can help change the way you respond to those stressors when you are with friends and family.

Science-based Approach 

The information and skills introduced in our training are based on scientific principles and research. Dr. Sampson and the Sampson team provide guidance in emotional awareness, managing emotions and developing people skills. Together these skills contribute to your “social fitness” and form a model for how to thrive in a personal relationship. The skills are demonstrated through short stories based on real-world examples. Practice sessions allow you to reflect on the material and how it relates to your life.

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For more information, please email  info@sampsonpsychtesting.com or click on the following Personal Relationships training: How to Be In a Personal Relationship. You may also click here to view Sampson’s Personal Relationships Resources.