Get the Most from Your Social Interactions

Technology and tools can keep the process on track, but even the coolest app is no match for the ability to hold a dialogue and clearly articulate value, eye to eye. The problem is that many people lack the interpersonal skills or confidence to initiate compelling conversations both professionally and personally. This is where Sampson can help.

All Sampson psychological tests and clinical interviews are highly rated and meet reliability and validity legal standards for public safety. Sampson also conducts social and emotional intelligence training. Sampson’s founder, Dr. Steve Sampson, has nearly 40 years of experience creating customized training, coaching and consulting solutions that build organizational capability and improve the individual skills necessary to grow better leaders, teams and a more confident, interpersonally-competent workforce.

Sampson’s approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling leaders, teams and individuals to successfully apply advanced social tactics that drive positive and effective interactions in even the most difficult and, in the case of some industries, dangerous situations. To help you achieve your goals, we partner with you to develop a culture of continuous learning that drives sustained improved performance.

We equip the people in your organization with advanced interpersonal skills through our time-proven “Tell” (lecture), “Show” (demonstration), “Do” (practice) and “Feedback” (coaching) learning method. This highly-effective approach combines assessment, customized programming and resources that sustain and reinforce learning.

In a tech-driven world, interpersonal skills are vital. Learn to thrive in fast-paced environments where every interaction counts.

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Public Safety Training delivered by Sampson integrates proven content, deep customization and expert perspective to help you meet your exact development needs.
Sampson’s customized solutions help leaders prepare their organizations to execute strategies and achieve social fitness objectives through enhanced collaboration.
At Sampson, we know every professional is a person first. That’s why we partner with you to develop continuous learning solutions that help change behaviors that enhance the effectiveness of interpersonal interactions.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Training

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