Grow and Maintain an Intimate Personal Relationship

How to Be In a Personal Relationship Training Summary
Do you know the difference between…Lust and Love, Attraction vs. Infatuation, Attachment vs. Detachment? Do you know how to…Maintain Passion, Build Intimacy, Increase Commitment, Improve Communication? How to Be In a Personal Relationship uses a skills-based approach to teach the social, intellectual and emotional skills you need to create a lasting and intimate relationship, whether you’re married, engaged or in a committed partnership.

Why Choose How to Be In a Personal Relationship Training?
With this training, you will master the fundamental skills necessary to create and maintain a positive personal relationship while facing the stressors of work and life. How to Be In a Personal Relationship teaches the skills you need to grow and maintain an intimate personal relationship by focusing on three key areas: how to pay skilled attention, emotional management and verbal communication. The information and techniques taught in this course are based on scientific principals. Together, these techniques form a model for building and managing successful personal relationships.

  • Learn How to Pay Skilled Attention using Nonverbal and Mental Attending
  • Learn How to Manage Your Emotions and the Emotions of Others
  • Learn Verbal Communication Skills that Build Rapport, Intimacy and More
  • Learn How to Manage Conflict and Individual Differences
  • Receive the From in Love to Real Love Book and How to Be In a Personal Relationship DVD and Training Manual

How to Be In a Personal Relationship is a suitable training for anyone who wants to develop and/or improve their relationships whether it be professionally or personally or both.

This course is also customizable for Law Enforcement Agencies.

How to Be in a Personal Relationship is presented classroom style for one to five days, as required. A key-note address on this topic is also available.

Dr. Steve Sampson, Sampson Psychological Testing & Training Founder and CEO, has been teaching social intelligence, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills for more than 40 years. He is a nationally recognized Master Trainer in Interpersonal Communications Skills and has presented to more than 300 organizations in 40 states.

Charles Walters, Sampson Psychological Testing & Training Master Trainer, has more than 36-years of experience working at all levels of law enforcement, including as Chief of Police. He is a highly-requested public safety trainer, specializing in law enforcement agencies and their unique needs.

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Police Marriages and Personal Relationships

Police Marriages and Personal Relationships is based on Sampson’s flagship personal relationships training, How to Be in a Personal Relationship, this training course is tailored exclusively for Law Enforcement Personnel. Shift work, constantly on-call for emergencies, exposure to violent behaviors….These are only a few of the stressful situations that may negatively impact the personal relationships of Law Enforcement. All too often, these stressors result in the loss of control – emotionally, mentally and physically. This training will teach you the skills you need for beginning and maintaining intimate personal relationships. Plus, it will provide you with the science behind the challenges to maintaining healthy relationships.

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