Technical Skills Training for Public Safety Personnel

Fit for Duty Training Summary
Are you prepared to manage the challenges of Public Safety? Constant exposure to life’s unfairness and trauma can have long-term negative effects on a person’s well-being. Public Safety occupations are particularly vulnerable to these effects due to the nature of the jobs. The well-documented and sometimes hidden incidences of substance abuse, divorce, losing self-control and suicide in Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS and Military work needs to be addressed proactively and not just reactively. Enter Fit for Duty.

Why Choose Fit for Duty Training?
The goal of this training is to provide individuals, leaders and teams in Public Safety with the technical skills they need to increase self-control and develop mental, emotional, social and moral resistance to the traumas of their jobs. It is a “how to” course that promotes actual techniques proven to work.

  • Develop Mental Competency Skills (How to regulate thinking to ensure rational thought and actions)
  • Develop Social Competency Skills (How to regulate Non-Verbal and Verbal actions for successful interactions with others)
  • Develop Emotional Competency Skills (How to regulate Emotions to ensure self-control in stress provoking situations)
  • Develop Moral Competency Skills (How to Identify and ensure ethical courses of actions when managing others)
  • Receive the Fit for Duty Training Manual

Fit for Duty is a suitable training for Public Safety personnel at all levels and experience. Includes Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS and Military.

Fit for Duty is customizable for Public Safety agencies and is presented in a classroom style for one day. A key-note address on this topic is also available.

Dr. Steve Sampson, Sampson Psychological Testing & Training Founder and CEO, has been teaching social intelligence, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills for nearly 40 years. He is a nationally recognized Master Trainer in Interpersonal Communications Skills and has presented to more than 300 organizations in 40 states.

Charles Walters, Sampson Psychological Testing & Training Master Trainer, has more than 36-years of experience working at all levels of law enforcement, including as Chief of Police. He is a highly-requested public safety trainer, specializing in law enforcement agencies and their unique needs.

Fit for Duty is approved by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) for CEUs. Email for more information.

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