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Applied Social Intelligence Training Summary
What’s the most important skill in becoming adept at managing other people? A proficiency that is fast-becoming an essential in today’s work world: Social Intelligence. Applied Social Intelligence training will help you master the skills and intelligence you need to establish the strong interpersonal relationships essential to success in the workplace and at home.

Why Choose Applied Social Intelligence Training?
The goal of Applied Social Intelligence training is to teach attendees the skills that are essential to performance as a leader and to enhance a person’s ability to effectively communicate, establish rapport and manage more skillfully with less stress. As part of its regimen, the training addresses the science behind verbal and nonverbal communication and concentrates on mastery of three skill sets:

  1. The Basic Skills you need to size up people and situations and determine what information you need for successful interactions—including the ability to observe and listen. These are “survival skills” for the professional business person.
  2. The Add-On Skills that will make you a better communicator in social, as well as supervisory, situations. These include the ability to ask good questions, deal with resistance and accept criticism, especially with the difficult or challenging people that you deal with in the workplace. These social skills blend emotional intelligence with communication requirements.
  3. The Application Skills that are directly related to the management of people and will substantially reduce your management difficulties. You’ll become aware of the need to negotiate, know and enforce the rules and follow through on promises. These skills build a foundation for leading.

Applied Social Intelligence is customizable for your industry. Customization includes, but is not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Law Enforcement Supervisors/Managers
  • Sheriff’s Department Supervisors/Managers
  • Fire and Emergency Services Supervisors/Managers
  • Correctional Officers
  • Correctional Supervisors/Managers
  • Government Supervisors/Managers
  • Communicate more effectively with difficult or challenging people through improved mastery of Level 2 communication skills
  • Successfully manage difficult people and situations by using new communication skills to handle requests, make requests and reinforce/reward positive behavior
  • Use fairness and decency to tactfully deflect unreasonable requests without offending these people, including unreasonable requests coming from superiors
  • Develop trust and reduce stress from challenging interactions that necessitate leaving one party with not “getting their way”
  • Influence others to listen and behave more responsibly
  • Negotiate more effectively toward win/win solutions
  • Hold others accountable and provide corrective feedback in a professional and respectful way
  • Receive the Applied Social Intelligence Book and Training Manual

Applied Social Intelligence is a suitable training for managers and supervisors at all levels from any profession, as well as individuals who want to develop and/or improve professional and personal success.

Applied Social Intelligence is presented classroom style for one to five days, as required. A key-note address on this topic is also available.

Dr. Steve Sampson, Sampson Psychological Testing & Training Founder and CEO, has been teaching social intelligence, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills for nearly 40 years. He is a nationally recognized Master Trainer in Interpersonal Communications Skills and has presented to more than 300 organizations in 40 states.

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