Advanced Social Tactics for Today’s Leaders, Teams and Organizations

Dr. Sampson’s team of Master Trainers provide customized, research-based Social and Emotional Intelligence training, coaching and consulting to individuals, leaders, teams and organizations across the U.S.

Our experts equip people across a wide range of public and private entities with advanced interpersonal skills using our time-proven “Tell” (lecture), “Show” (demonstration), “Do” (practice) and “Feedback” (coaching) training approach. This highly-effective training method combines assessment, customized programs and resources to sustain and reinforce learning. All Sampson training programs are customizable by industry and many have Continuing Education Credits associated with them.

With nearly 40 years of successful, in-the-field training experience, Sampson specializes in raising the bar of Social Fitness in the areas of Public Safety Training, Government Training and Professional and Personal Development.

Public Safety Training

Public Safety Training delivered by Sampson integrates proven content, deep customization and expert perspective to help you meet your exact development needs.

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Professional Development

Sampson’s customized solutions help leaders prepare their organizations to execute strategies and achieve social fitness objectives through enhanced interpersonal collaboration.

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Personal Development

At Sampson, we know every professional is a person first. That’s why we partner with you to develop learning solutions that help change behaviors not only at work but at home and in your community too.

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 Sampson is the Partner You Need to Meet Testing and Training Objectives.

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