Find the Best Fit Candidate: Public Safety Pre-Employment Screening

Sampson’s Public Safety Pre-Employment Psychological Screening results predict a candidate’s:

  • Fitness for Duty
  • Likelihood to leave an agency within three years
  • Risk to be fired or forced to resign within three years
  • Potential to do something negative which may make the newspaper

Sampson testing also helps organizations to avoid Negligent Retention Liability, and it assists background investigators with possible questions to ask about new candidates.

Sampson’s Psychological Test Battery: Reliable, Validated 

Sampson’s battery of psychological tests meets reliability and validity legal standards. As part of its testing program, Sampson uses The Culture Fair Intelligence Test. This test tells how much common sense an applicant has, versus what they may have learned in school. It also incorporates The Clinical Analysis Questionnaire. This questionnaire is divided into two parts: Part 1 of this test is designed to tell about a person’s habits and temperament – his/her personality. Part 2 is a measure of emotional illness. It indicates the absence or presence of emotional problems that are likely to interfere with public safety work.

Pre-Employment Psychological Testing Options

We offer agencies two options for Pre-Employment Psychological Testing:

  1. Psychological Test only (includes an electronic copy of the report – the test is administered at your location by your agency). Our staff will mail you all the relevant testing materials to get you started. This test takes the candidate between 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. You will then scan/email or fax our office the answer sheets and we will email you the report results within 24 business hours.
  2. Psychological Test and Clinical Interview (includes psychological test administered in our Loganville office by our staff and a clinical interview with a licensed psychologist. A pre-approval letter is sent within 24-hours of the appointment and a complete written report is sent within 14 business days.

What the Clinical Interview and/or Test Results Tell You

Sampson’s evaluation program will screen out applicants and recommend “no hire” for several reasons:

  • Insufficient Intelligence: This candidate will have extreme difficulty learning procedures and will be less likely to use good judgment.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Those individuals suffering from an emotional illness that may endanger themselves or society and are clearly poor choices for public safety work.
  • Highly Exploitive, Destructive or Manipulative Personality Traits: These individuals are poorly suited for many jobs, but especially for public safety work where they would have substantial discretionary control over others.
  • Self-Destructive Tendencies: Such persons are likely to display poor judgment and recklessness and are therefore eliminated.

Learn More

For more information about Sampson’s psychological testing program, please email info@sampsonpsychtesting.com.