About the Book

Quiet Cop
by Stephen J. Sampson, Ph.D.

Social Tactics for Law Enforcement Professionals
Are you an officer who would like to improve the image and perception of the law enforcement profession? Are you frustrated or concerned by stereotypes that officers are unethical, racist and/or not trustworthy? This book addresses many of the different encounters that law enforcement officers have during the course of their duties.

Examples of common encounters are provided and ways of effectively communicating while also being safe and maintaining physical tactics for safety are discussed. The intent of this book is to reduce the number of complaints received by a law enforcement agency and for individual officers to build more positive and trustworthy relationships with citizens in the community.

About the Training and Manual

Sampson’s Quiet Cop training uses the Quiet Cop Participant Manual  and the book Quiet Cop by Stephen J. Sampson, Ph.D. The purpose of the manual is to operationalize (put into practice) many of the concepts discussed in the book.

About the Author

Dr. Steve Sampson has been teaching social intelligence, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills for over 40 years. He brings both academic knowledge and practical experience to his seminars. As a Licensed Psychologist, he is the former Chief of Psychology of Georgia Regional Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia (1993 to 1995). He is also a nationally recognized counseling psychologist who works with various law enforcement agencies conducting fitness for duty evaluations and post-shooting debriefings since 1982. He has been a contract Psychologist with 25 Metropolitan Atlanta Law Enforcement Agencies since 1991.

For More Information

To purchase Quiet Cop, visit HRD, Press Inc. For more information about the training or training manual,  email info@sampsonpsychtesting.com.

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