About the Book

From In Love to Real Love
by Stephen J. Sampson, Ph.D.

Skills for Strengthening and Maintaining Relationships
There are many books out there on relationships. But this one is different. It teaches social, intellectual and emotional skills you can actually apply in your life to create lasting and intimate relationships—whether you’re married, engaged or in a committed partnership. The information and skills introduced are based on scientific principles and research—not on the author’s opinions. Together the skills form a model for how to be in a personal relationship.

Each skill is introduced, explained and defined at the beginning of its section. The skills are demonstrated through short stories based on real-world examples. Concrete and specific definitions of each skill are located in boxes. Practice sessions encourage you to reflect on the material and how it relates to your life. Action strategies present short scenarios that reflect the skills you just learned. A DVD comes with the book and brings to life human behaviors that you can study and adapt to your own skills.

The book is organized into three sections:

  • How to Pay Skilled Attention focuses on nonverbal and mental attending and covers such topics as gesturing, touching, positioning and listening awareness.
  • Emotion Management addresses the management of emotions—a critical component in a successful relationship.
  • Verbal Communication explores the verbal techniques required to accomplish your relationship goals and includes rapport building, intimacy building and managing.

About the Training, Manual and DVD

Sampson’s How to Be In a Personal Relationship training uses the How to Be In a Personal Relationship Participant Manual, the How To Be In a Personal Relationship DVD and the book From In Love To Real Love by Stephen J. Sampson, Ph.D. The purpose of the manual and DVD is to operationalize (put into practice) many of the concepts discussed in the book.

About the Author

Dr. Steve Sampson has been teaching social intelligence, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills for over 40 years. He brings both academic knowledge and practical experience to his seminars. As a Licensed Psychologist, he is the former Chief of Psychology of Georgia Regional Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia (1993 to 1995). He is also a nationally recognized counseling psychologist who works with various law enforcement agencies conducting fitness for duty evaluations and post-shooting debriefings since 1982. He has been a contract Psychologist with 25 Metropolitan Atlanta Law Enforcement Agencies since 1991.

For More Information

To purchase From In Love To Real Love, visit HRD, Press Inc. For more information about the training, training manual or DVD email info@sampsonpsychtesting.com.

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